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Dear supporters,

We are the Estonian ensemble Duo Telluur – Heli Ernits and Kirill Ogorodnikov. We have been playing together for about 5 years now and we are coming to an important milestone of our activities – releasing our debut album.

With your support!

It is a challenge to define our music style. We are classical musicians and we play music by various composers from Estonia and the rest of the world. However, our instruments – classical guitar and English horn or oboe – form a unique combination and sometimes our music lies inbetween several music genres. We take the freedom and joy of playing everything we like and find suitable for our ensemble. Be it Mussorgsky or Bartok, a samba or a ballad, modern music or an old favorite song.

We have been preparing the album for a long time. And dreamed of it even longer...

The album will have 19 tracks together with the bonus track. 10 different works from different composers, beautiful soothing listening, accompanied by our recommendation not to forget to take time for your thoughts in today's fast pace of life and abundance of all kind of information and mental stimulation!

Thinking of a restful evening, calming down from the day and seeking contact with oneself, the title of the album has become "Evening Mosaic".

We have put together a selection of the most played and admired works of our repertoire in the five active years that form a kind of mosaic of evening thoughts and moods. The album seeks to portray the calming down of the day that is coming to its end, the tender mystery of twilight moments and the nostalgia of recollections. The night is falling, its magical atmosphere draws you in more and more, so you disappear in reveries and swirl in the midst of precious memories and poetic dreams.

Belgian record company Etcetera Records became our co-operation partner. Their catalogue focuses on exiting and rather a bit intriguing alternative artists and ensembles of classical music. Releasing the album in co-operation with an international record company allows us to distribute our music much more widely around the world. Not only the company but also we ourselves have to make a considerable financial contribution for this. With your support we finance the CD release and partially cover the studio rent and the fee for the excellent work of the young talented sound director Nikita Shishkov.

By supporting us you help a very unique Estonian ensemble to present itself and its music all over the world!

Let's do it together!

We thank you very much for your contribution!
Heli & Kirill 

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