Hot Kommunist’s first full length album 21. Sajandi Kodu (21st century home)User's  Lembit Krull project in the category Music

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About the Hot Kommunist:

The Hot Kommunist are a jazz-proge-punk trio established in 1996. Back then we managed to hold around 20 concerts and pulblish a few tracks on compilations like „Mätta fondi 25 kuldset lööklaulu“ („25 Golden Hits of the Mätta Foundation”) and „Punk on surn’d“ („Punk's dead”). In 2001 the Hot Kommunist fell into hibernation, because the recordings for the first album were ruined in the event of the studio computer crash and the band found neither strength nor resources to start over.The Hot Kommunist have now returned more powerful than ever and are determined to complete their long-awaited debut album, out due 24th of February, 2015. In addition to remakes of the already known tracks like „Jeesus Lexus” (Jesus Lexus”), ”Killenium” („Killenium”), etc., the new album also comprises fresh songs like „Kaksiktornide Pettus” („The fraud of the twin-towers”), „Pilvede all” („Under the Clouds”), etc. We are looking forward to your support to finally be able to release the album. As the processes of recording and mixing have already been completed, your support would be required to cover the cost of cover design and production, totalling 1500 EUR.

The lyrics of The Hot Kommunist ask: „Who are we?”, and give an answer: „Slaves of the consumer society, who are guided to inevitable destruction by psychopath governors through lies. Unless we don't find ourselves and take control.”

Members of the band:

  • Lembit Krull – bass, voc (ex J.M.K.E., Harmagedon)
  • Andres Aru – drums (ex J.M.K.E., Agent M, Suck&Blow, Wide Open)
  • Lauri Leis – guitar (Psychoterror, Vennaskond, ZLO, Irwin Art Project, Noisemurder, Wide Open. Radio presenter of the „Punkpolitsei” programme on Radio 2 and „Fantaasia” programme on Klassikaraadio. A multi-talented multi-instrumentalist.
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„21st Century Home”, the new CD of the Hot Kommunist is out due 24th of February, 2015

Prizes will be handed over at the album presentation if not agreed otherwise.