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Hi everybody!

My name is Erni Kask, I have been engaged in the NOTAFE  – for more than 15 years.

In 2012 notafe turned 20 and we published a book called About Improvisation. This book included my interviews with well-known teachers of physical improvisation who have led workshops at notafe – Nancy Stark Smith, Ruth Zaporah, Sten Rudström The book is still available, it has been quite a success so far. The second notafe-book – Imagine A Body Dancing – came out in 2014, it’s a collection of conversations about dance and performing arts, held with the notafe performers and teachers. The book is compiled by my good colleague from Sweden, Sybrig Dokter.

This year we wish to publish the next notafe-book – It Moves, It Speaks – as interesting material keeps coming up in loads and it’s all well worth publishing. The book contains my interviews, conversations moderated by Sybrig and also plentitude of photos about contemporary dance and theatre. The book, as its predecessors, is in English and will reach the potential readers all over the world. We would like to widen the circle of supporters through Hooandja.

To kind supporters we offer presents and our never-ending gratitude.

Interviews with notafe teachers and performers:

Jan Ritsema

Tove Sahlin

Diego Agulló

Marjana Krajac

Peter Stamer

Elke Luyten

Marco Bonisimo

Andrea Keiz

Maria F. Scaroni

Adriano Wilfert Jensen

Andres Noormets


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