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My name is Joel Markus Antson, I'm a Christian spoken word artist and a theology graduate student at the University of Tartu.

I am about to release my debut album called "Restored Ruins" on which I have worked over a year. I would need your support to pay the producers for the music, the production and the marketing of the CDs.

I have been writing poems for almost 9 years and for the last few years I have been inspired by people's hardships. We often feel incomplete or broken and thirst for something more without really finding it. I truly wish to bring more hope and healing into people's lives through my music!


My spoken word album contains 12 songs, some of them featuring different singers in addition to my poetry. Its title track hints at our brokenness and need to fill the void within with something more than what the material and natural world has to offer. A similar motif runs through other songs as well: for example "Ghost Town" asks what would our world look like if our houses would look from the outside like our families are on the inside and "A Haunted House" talks about how relationships are often perceived as something to be burnt down rather than fixed when they start to fall apart. Although the album seems quite dark at first my aim is to point towards hope, stating confidently that however bad things are right now, the best is yet to come!

I cannot wait to share my music with you already! Please select the amount that is suitable for you - I am deeply grateful for any support! The album should be out by mid-June. In addition, I'm planning the album tour in June-July where I'd love to see you and where you could receive your gift!

Here are some of my previous videos and social media links: 


With gratitude,

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