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My name is Eveliis and about half of my life I have had a special connection to Norway. First I was a Rotary exchange student in 1997/1998, then I got the change to study Art History at Lillehammer Colledge, after that I studied Norwegian literature at Oslo University. I have a Bachelor degree in Norwegian Language and Literature from Tartu University and thanks to my language skills I have been working with export to Norway for more than 10 years now.

In 2013 little Britt Ida Loviisa was born and turned our life upside down. I have to thank her for leading me to this project. I started to notice the children wear talented Estonians produce, one thing lead to another and I suddenly got the feeling that if we could combine my knowledge of export to Norway (and the burecraucy that follows with that) and the products that are made in Estonia we could have a little „nEST” for Estonian design in Norway. I started to follow my dream and from May this year I have a little shop in Lillehammer. It is very small, only 40m2 and when at the beginning it seemed it is more than enough, I today see that we could need more space. There are so many nice thing to take with me from Estonia, but how to fit all of this to a 40m2? Is it a coincidence that from last month a room almost twice as big is available just next to my shop?

In these three months that I have spent here I have understood what locals like and what they are missing. A nice little café with a playroom for children is something that is hard to find in Lillehammer. I have heard many times how my shop is childfriendly and has friendly atmosphere, and discussing with others we found out that it would be perfect to move nextdoor where we'd have a possibility to open a design and coffee shop.

I really hope you like the idea of a childfriendly shop-café and support this idea with either 5 euros or more.