Hooandja gives you the chance to get your creative project funded

How does Hooandja work?

A simple formula

The best way to inspire people to make a pledge is to offer them exciting prizes – be they things made in limited numbers, unique services or special events. Be creative when coming up with prizes: they’re what will make your project attractive to backers. The video is no less important. Be honest and sincere when making it; introduce yourself and your project in the way that feels most natural to you.


What is all-or-nothing financing?

In Hooandja, your project has to be financed 100% (or more) before its final date. If it isn’t, the backers keep their money. But if it does, the money pledged is transferred to your project team. We do it this way for two reasons: no one wants to go through with a project with insufficient funding; and no one wants to fund a project that its team won’t be able to see through to the end. That’s why you should be realistic when putting together your budget and plan for the minimum amount you can turn your idea into reality with. Don't forget that the prizes will form part of your expenses.


What does Hooandja charge a fee for?

If your project is successful and obtains 100% (or more) support, our service fee is 7% of the value of all donations. This should be borne in mind when working out your budget.


Does part of a project have to belong to Hooandja?

Hooandja claims no intellectual property rights on projects – everything you do belongs to you and you alone.

Creative projects only

Hooandja is not about charity projects or fulfilling charity goals. There are lot of things that deserve support, but we feel that creativity deserves its own space.


So where does the money come from?

Hooandja has a lot of friends who spread the word – all kinds of organisations that unite creative people, as well as social networks and the media, where Hooandja is finding more and more interested people due to our win-win system. Everything starts with you taking an active role, and your friends and fans who you talk to about your project who in turn tell their friends about it. Good ideas spread fast!


How much should I ask for?

At the very least the minimum amount you’ll need to turn your idea into a reality. The trick is knowing your target group: think about who they are and how they’ll like your project and prizes. In your video, also think about who you’re talking to – are they people your age? Are they men or women?


Can I raise more money than I ask for?

Of course – projects can be backed the whole time they remain active on the website (which is usually 2-8 weeks). That should be enough time to raise the amount you need. If your project needs a couple of extra days to raise that last little bit, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.


Does Hooandja offer loans?

No. Hooandja is a support platform that isn’t designed to offer loans or act as a middle man in investments.

But my idea isn’t ‘big’ or ‘important’. Does it deserve a spot in Hooandja?

Sure! Hooandja looks for all kinds of creative ideas – be they ideas that last a single weekend or projects that go on for months, left-field or earnest, traditional or experimental.


What’s the secret to a successful project?

People respond to passion, sincerity and an ability to put your plans into action. That’s what they want to see in your video. You should also offer creative and fairly priced prizes.


How can I start my project?

Click on the ‘Tell us about your project’ button above. We’ll then ask you a couple of questions to make sure your project fits in with what we do. You’ll hear from us within a couple of business days.


Is there a fee for creating a project?

Uploading projects to Hooandja is free of charge. If your project goes live (i.e. you raise the amount you set as your goal), you then have to pay us a fee of 7% of all pledges. It’s a good idea to take this into account when putting your budget together.


Do I meet the criteria required to create a project?

People responsible for projects that are suited to Hooandja must be at least 18 years old. Other than that, we don't have any restrictions. We look forward to everyone’s contributions!