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My name is Katariin Raska. Finally I have reached to a point in my life to record the music of one my project called ÄIO.

After graduating Viljandi Culture Academy in Estonia, I started my studies in Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo, where I found co-fellows for starting the new ensemble. I am very glad to play together with the hardanger fiddle player Jon Hjellum Brodal, flytist/bass clarinetist Anders Hefre and double bass player Christian Meaas Svendsen.

ÄIO has been playing together almost two years and for now we have good amount of great tunes, which with putting on a disc would present a nice end of our first journey together. Having a CD will make it easier to bring our music to You, dear friend. Further more, the debut album will be ÄIOs signature, which would help to introduce the band to the wider music community.

The music you will be hearing on the CD, has been playing in my head for a long time. Waiting for the right moment to shape it up. In this project I have made a lot of space to my curiosity for different music styles. There for I have chosen to present the material with musician with the back round from traditional music and improvisation. Among arranged Estonian and Norwegian folk tunes you find arrangements from the original music as well as my own compositions.

Last summer we attended a small folk music festival in Iceland. Because of that we spent the whole week in that lovely island. It doesn't happen very often that all of us has enough time around the same time, so we thought – now or sometime in the far future. The trip ended with recording most of the material in Sundlaugin studio. The rest was played in at the Norwegian Music Academy.

For finishing the CD production, we will need your help, dear friends and motivators. With your support we get the CD cover done and the CD printed out.
In return for your support we have many nice presents for you. You will find them from the right side of that page.

If everything goes well, the album release will take place in April and you can come to our concerts in late spring and summer.

More information about ÄIO you will find from: www.facebook.com/aioband

For get to know us better you can also visit

A lot of thanks!

With greetings,



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