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„Releasing the debut album of Abndres Alaru“ is a project for producing an audio CD. The compositions on this CD are mostly composed by Andres Alaru, but there are also two covers among them.

The Album material has already been recorded in WedgeView Studios in The Netherlands. The musicians playing on this CD are: Juraj Stanik, Raúl Santana, Stefan Gottfried, David Barker and Andres Alaru. All these musicians are somehow connected with The Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where they have been playing together already for several years.

Juraj Stanik for example is teaching jazz piano in The Royal Conservatory of The Hague and he also used to study there before. During his outstanding career he has performed with Pat Metheny, Chris Potter, Ari Hoenig, Tom Harrel, Alvin Queen and many other famous artists. All the other musicians on the CD have also already graduated the same school.

The musical material on the CD represents mainly two different styles and both styles have been recorded with two different groups. More traditional straight-ahead compositions have been recorded with a trio, with Juraj Stanik (on piano), David Barker (on drums) and Andres Alaru (on double bass) and more nordic, minimalistic compositions have been recorded with a quartet with Raúl Santana (on piano), Stefan Gottfried (on alto and soprano saxophones), David Barker (on drums) and Andres Alaru (on double bass). The four straight-ahead pieces include also a famous original composition by Herbie Hancock, called „Dolphin Dance“ and a jazz standard by John Klenner, called „Just Friends“. Representation of both styles is very important for Andres Alaru, because traditional jazz music is performed in northern countries quite rarely and it also helps to create some contrast for the whole album.

The supporter´s fundings will be used to cover the expenses for the studio rental cost, mastering, mixing, CD layout and production. The CD is planned to be released in february 2018.