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Video filmed at NUKU Museum, where Kreatiivmootor presents the new material on November 26, 2019.


Dear music lover! We would like to offer you our fourth studio album, a 85 minute long ghostly soundtrack to a non-existent dance performance called "Mentalbau". The invitation to dance is open! But these dance moves require your interest and support to bring the already recorded, produced and mixed material onto the desk of a professional mastering engineer and send it onwards to the record factory. Namely, it seems to us, and hopefully to you too, that this material is indeed worthy of the 2LP format that would allow the music to be touched, smelled and passed down to future generations.

This album features krautrock influenced motoric pulse as well as unusual time signatures and tropical rhythms. It mediates snake charmers' hypnotic seances in the desert as well as freely flowing coldwave moods. There is some dark ambient, and you get some warm noise layers with that. The common denominators for it all are the mental states originating from the outer limits of consciousness. The title "Mentalbau" also refers to this enchanted rumble of obscure thought-caves. As is customary for Kreatiivmootor, this album has plenty of improvisational spark, but due to electronic programming, arrangements and thorough post-production, the end result lies somewhere on the border between the realms of clear form and controlled chaos.

But that is not all. The album also features guest artists such as Robert Jürjendal (guitar and effects) and Anne Prommik (vocals). And it contains four distinctive remixes by Estonian electronic music artists such as ekke, Kiwa, Galaktlan and Forgotten Sunrise.

The material of the album (altogether 11 songs) has been recorded in different studios in Tallinn and Tartu (including Ö Studio, Sound Room, Sound Fortress) within the last three years. The material has been mixed and produced by Kaur Garšnek. The mastering engineer is Siim Mäesalu (Sonicmedia). The artwork is by Juss Piho. The designer is Mauno Meesit (Brandon Design). Studio costs, mixing and, in part, design work have been covered by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. Your support would be needed mainly for covering the costs of mastering and manufacturing the vinyl records.

The double vinyl record will be ready for you two months after the end of the crowdfunding campaign at the latest but if there is enough interest from the get-go then we can step ahead and place the order for test presses earlier which will speed up the whole process by a month. And while you're waiting for your record, you can already have a listen at the mastered digital album. In addition, it is possible to give us a little more support and receive Kreatiivmootor's previous albums. However, please do note that there are altogether 30 copies of "Irratsionaalne" (2007) and 60 copies of "Kaleidoskoop" (2010) available. So, the early bird catches the worm! For a particularly demanding taste, we also offer, in addition to the delight of the ears, one substantial cup full of food for thought.

Please give us your support so we could share this music with you!

Kreatiivmootor started in 2003 in duo formation, recording some lo-fi dada-pop music. In 2005, it attracted the interest of some radio DJs and audiences with a keen ear for outsider music. By the time the first album "Irratsionaalne" (2007) was released, the band's formation had begun to grow, and since 2008, it has featured a maximum of 8 members. The albums "Kaleidoskoop" (2010) and "Algne sülg esitab" (2016) have been recorded and produced in this formation. Compared to the naive dada-pop music of the first album and the psychedelic eclecticism of the second album, the third release paved the way to a completely new, darker and more hypnotic territory. Kreatiivmootor has performed and been well received at numerous concerts and festivals in Estonia (Eclectica, Hea Uus Heli, Tallinn Music Week, Schilling, Mailaul, Intsikurmu etc.) and abroad (Waves Vienna in Vienna, Popkomm in Berlin, Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik, Positivus in Latvia, Brainlove Festival in London and SKIF in St. Petersburg). Like the concerts, Kreatiivmootor's recordings feature the signature vocals of Roomet Jakapi, who is using his vocal cords as an experimental musical instrument rather than singing in the conventional sense.

On "Mentalbau", Kreatiivmootor is:

  • Ingrid Aimla – percussion;
  • Kaur Garšnek - electric guitar, live synthesizers and MIDI instruments, programming of electronic instruments and effects;
  • Roomet Jakapi - vocal, live electronics;
  • Maria Lepik – saxophone;
  • Madis Paalo – drums;
  • Allan Plekksepp - bass guitar, electric guitar, live electronics, programming of electronic instruments and effects;
  • Alvin Raat - electric guitar, electronic effects programming, samples.

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