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In 2020, Antarctica will have been discovered 200 years ago. Islanders and all the people of Estonia have a reason to be particularly proud of it. Namely, a man born and raised in Saaremaa, Admiral Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen (20.09.1778 - 25.01.1852) led the expedition in Antarctic waters, and is the first person ever to see the Antarctic continent on 28 January in 1820. 

We would like to associate Admiral Bellingshausen's story with Estonians and, above all, with the islanders closer than it has been done so far, and to establish a monument in Kuressaare in honour of a world famous islander and Antarctic explorer as well as the 200 anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. The monument would be an important tourist attraction in Saaremaa and Kuressaare.

The author of the competitively selected winning work FAST ICE in the architectural competition is Gunnar Vares. Restrained modern design with black and gray granite and the text on a copper engraving in the centre of the monument. The winning work is a planar circular image of two limestone tiles, where two stone blocks arise from the base, the joints of which form a seating surface, and there is a metal disc in the middle of the image depicting the southern pole of the globe and marked by Bellingshausen's exploration trips. It is well suited to the seaside recreation area next to Kuressaare Episcopal Castle overlooking the sea. 




With your support, you can help Saaremaa's guests and the world to become aware of the origin of the Antarctic explorer Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen and his Estonian and in particular Saaremaa heritage, as well as the importance of his discovery. By donating to the memorial fund, you will be a part of it’s establishment. We hope to open the monument already in 2020 for Kuressaare Marital Days if we have enough support. The estimated cost of building the monument is ca 120,000 Euros, of which 30,000 Euros are contributed by the Ministry of Culture and the other equivalent is allocated by Saaremaa municipality. Your contribution is essential and invaluable. Only together will we be able to fulfill this long-standing dream. 

The first stage of the grant, when we collect €5,000, would give us sufficient assurance to begin with the announcement of the construction procurement and finding the most suitable provider, and to give the process a formal boost with authorisations and other structural nuances. 

The additional amount of the second stage already goes specifically to the construction process with the contribution of the Saaremaa municipality and the Ministry of Culture. Since the Hooandja project and the existing support do not cover the full cost of the project, we are able to turn to companies and individuals in case the Hooandja project succeeds, showing that people do care about the initiative.

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