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Dear supporter! 
We are very glad that you have landed on Estbel’s Fundraising page. We would like to share with you some of our plans and dreams. We are a quartet with a rather rare line up where two northern dreamers from the Baltic Estonia meet the two Flemish cowboys from Belgium who are in the West of Europe mostly known for their swings and grooves.
Estbel is: 
Leana Vapper-Dhoore (Estonia): Voice, Bagpipes; 
Sänni Noormets (Estonia): Voice, Fiddle; 
Hartwin Dhoore (Flanders, Belgium): Diatonic Accordion; 
Ward Dhoore (Flanders, Belgium): Acoustic Guitar.

Estbel’s repertoire is full of magical realism - as if Gabriel Garcia Marquez walking with Björk - frisking by the Northern Nature and the 'Songs & Tunes' unite traditionalists with indie-lovers and teenagers to the elderly. Party for everyone! Listen and let live, revived, resurrected!
In summer 2016 Estbel played 2 big gigs – the main stage of the Viljandi Folk Festival in Estonia and Dranouter Festival in Belgium - which were both welcomed with large enthusiasm by the audience. 
In autumn 2016 we had a great honour to be nominated in the category "Best neofolk band 2016" at the Estonian Folk Music Awards!

After such a great year we decided to make our first CD. With this album we would like to reach the audiences in Estonia and Belgium but we also hope to get to new listeners in other countries. The summer of 2016 brought many enthusiastic listeners to our concerts who encouraged us to make the full album. That is why we decided to share our joy of playing together also with the listeners and putting our music on a CD is a great way to do that. 
Alas, making a CD brings rather big costs along with it:
- Recording, mix & mastering: 2500 euro
- Artwork & Cover design: 600 euro
- Printing: 1400 euro 
- Publishing (EAÜ / SABAM) 1000 euro
TOTAL: 5500€
Dear supporter, to make sure that our music gets in high quality on a CD and that you get yourself a well deserved gift from us, you can support us via the bank links below. We are very happy and thankful for every support!
With warm greetings and best wishes,
Sänni, Leana, Hartwin & Ward
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