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The film explores a kaleidoscope of portraits and stories with a common past – presentations of past and present. Back in 1994, Aljona Surzhikova kept a collective diary – a Friends’ Book. That history repeats itself today in Facebook, the manifestation of contemporary online culture. All those people from the old-school analog Friends’ Book are now on Facebook – except for one old friend and classmate: Roman was the strongest boy in the class, and today he serves as a bodyguard for the President of Estonia. Another old friend from the Book is Nastja – currently probably the most well-known psychic and clairvoyant in Estonia. Then there is Stas who lives in Cambodia, playing poker and riding motorcycles; and Julia, a Waldorf School teacher in Berlin… Between these portraits we see a memory of 1994: the situation in Estonia, departing Soviet tanks, the two Presidents Lennart Meri and Boris Yeltsin drinking champagne, and the tragedy of passenger ferry „Estonia“.

We are looking for money for animation, for post-production to finish the film.

If cinemas will not be open in autumn 2020 (because of COVID-19) we will send link with film to all people, who supported our project.




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