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Please support the publishing of photo book "Estonian Master"!

"Estonian Master" captures people, who still do things with their own hands and at such a level that one can easily call it art.

For his book the photographer Heikki Leis took photos of people who are talented at their craft, observed their ordinary days and captured their working hands. His photos are also done in a way that celebrates an art that is slowly disappearing - film photography.

Alongside Priit Pärn, Edward von Lõngus and several other already known artists the photo series for the book also include other people best at their professions, people who keep alive the skills of a clocksmith, taylor, butcher or a taxidermist. Altogether 33 masters.

It can also come to be that in about a decade we cannot find a person who can do the job of some of these people reflected in the book. Which is why this is a good gift for young people who value handicrafts and want to keep these skills alive, but still have not found the right master with whom to apprentice.

Jüri Kolk wrote a short story about each of the masters and the texts are in both English and Estonian. The book is designed by Kaire van der Toorn-Guthan, has 192 pages and measures 210 x 250 mm. The book will be published in September!

A huge thank you to everyone who supports!

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The characters of the photo book "Estonian Master"

  • Priit Pärn, animator
  • Merlin Tammeleht, car mechanic
  • Tanel Veenre, jewelry designer
  • Heino Kalm, denture designer 
  • Edward Von Lõngus, graffiti artist
  • Liisi Roht, make-up artist 
  • Helen Heinroos, hair stylist 
  • Johan Tralla, clocksmith
  • Piret Veski, potter 
  • Mart Eller, surgeon 
  • Ivo Lill, glass artist 
  • Ants Uustalu, chef
  • Ervin Juht, butcher
  • Taivo Piller, florist
  • Peeter Allik, linoleum artist
  • Loola Liivat, painter
  • Karl Eelmaa, magician
  • Stella Soomlais, leather craftsman
  • Terje Kiho, puppet master
  • Arne Zekker, medical examiner and mortician
  • Andrus Hämäläinen, luthier
  • Karl Annus, eyeglass frame designer
  • Agur Ints, carpenter
  • Mihkel Kõrv, gunsmith
  • Urmas Pikhof, taylor
  • Sille Sikmann, cobbler
  • Ivar Feldmann, blacksmith
  • Jarmo Nuutre, sign painter
  • Tiiu Kirsipuu, sculptor
  • Mico Goldobin, tattoo artist
  • Ott Koppa, taxidermist
  • Terje Lillmaa, textile artist
  • Eero Mander, brewer




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