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Greetings from tiny animation studio Karabana.

Six years ago, on 2008 my first animated film “Small House” unexpectedly got finished http://www.karabana.com/smallhouse.html . A strange tale of a man, who for some reason can’t fall asleep and because of this causes a huge mess. Even more unexpected was the fact, that they began to show the movie voluntarily at different film festivals.

Things thus naturally developed by unnatural ways and in 2011 a new movie by the name of “Big house” premiered in selected cinemas http://www.karabana.com/smallhouse.html This time a story about a house full of people, who for some unexplainable reason just can’t fall asleep. After the internet release the Vimeo crew felt intrigued as well and reacted without delay.

All the previous films and buffooneries are available for viewing at the Karabana homepage http://www.karabana.com/

At the moment an interesting dynamic has occurred. In cooperation with my meanest critic Peeter Luik we have finished writing the House Trilogy’s last script, by the name of “Full House”.
The story is about a mailman, who has a great sense of duty, and who meets his bride-to-be, while filling out his daily assignments. The duration of the film is planned to be about 12 minutes, which statistically means at least 10 000 hand drawn frames and about a year and a half of merciless scribbling, timing, scanning, digital processing and editing. After finishing the dirty work, such high class professionals as composer Kaspar Jancis and sound director Horret Kuus take over the process for a few months and then the film is basically finished.

To reach this mind-boggling moment, we have decided to get the whole thing going by directly addressing our valued audience. Your support will help to finish the new movie “Full House” by 2016.

Production is divided into different stages due to timing and financial reasons. After this crowdfunding project, the plan is to finish the first four minutes of the animation and publish it before January 1, 2015 on the Internet as a trailer.

The story itself is divided into different chapters and the release of the first one won’t leave any loose ends, but at the same time won’t ruin the dramatic punch line. For potential supporters a justified question may arise: how can we be sure that the full movie will ever be made? It would be reckless to give 100% guarantees, but with a proper trailer, which in this case would be 1/3 of the whole movie, it would be far easier to apply for further financial aid from other sources too. Of course, if the first third meets all expectations, there will always be the option of turning to our audience once again. I will definitely do my best!

Thank You!

Director Kristjan Holm


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This project was not funded and ended on 16.Jun.2014

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