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Dear Lexican and music lover, we've readied our 3rd album "Lexplosion II" – it will be out 29th of May. For the records and merch to hit the shelves, we could use a bit of your help, though. Support will be rewarded with a gift from your choosing (on the right are options, down below pictures of the merch): LP, CD, shirts and more.

We've been active for 7 years and it's been a pleasure to bring our blend of funk to you via records and explosive shows. It's uncertain when we'll be able to play live again, but to make sure the party goes on inside your homes, we'd love to bring it to you in your preferred way.


  • 3000€ - we'll produce the merch, vinyls and CDs
  • 5000€ - we'll be able to produce a video for our 3rd single "Money" that features one of the most in-demand guitarists today – Mr. Cory Wong.


All the gifts include the shipping fee inside the European region. Orders from other places will be calculated and discussed over the e-mails (if you wish to have shipping info prior to the order, contact: merch@funkembassy.eu).










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