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What if waste sorters decided to start sorting out people who sort their waste? What if they sing and dance whilst doing so?

One day, a waste sorting mother-son duo Hilse and Tang discover that a nationwide sorting campaign has been launched. They feel a great sense of injustice. They are already doing the dirtiest job in the country and now even that is taken away from them. Citizens walking around with three bags of garbage should be extra careful now, because Hilse and Tang are about to "sort out" everyone who sort their waste at home.

"Rentsli krahvid" is a story about waste, revenge and love. There is a lot of trash, blood, spontaneous dance performances, there is love, betrayal and a cat. It's a movie. It's a musical. It's a performance where rough guitar riffs, bitter-sweet tunes of first love and endless killings mix together into one. All of that whilst dressed according to the hottest trends of the early 00'. This movie does not hold back. It is not afraid of anyone. It is exactly as it wants to be. It is trash.

"If you think about what remains as proof that people have ever lived on earth – it is trash. From the beginning of time, we have always contemplated the bigger purpose, when the only constant thing in life is trash." – Hilse



Production designer - From the very first performance a certain realism from the movie disappears, so to emphazise this, we bring in extremely stylized costumes, visit extremely tasteless apartments and see eye-catching make-up and plenty of blood.

Sound designer - The common theme for the film sound would definitely be NOISE. These characters do not live in silence. Just like their workplace is filled with loud howling machines, so is their home, where the TV is constantly shouting, as are they.

Director - For everything to work the film has to create its own unique world. In a movie where people start singing at random times, it is easier for the viewer to accept that someone's head can just easily be kicked off.

DOP - Who do you dare to consider your family and who is society to us? Could society be one family and is family love a manifestation of individualism or sociality? "Rentsli krahvid" offers an opportunity to get some clarity in these thoughts.

Editor - For me, the beauty of this film lies in how serious Hilse and Tang are about their business. In their heads they know exactly how things in the world should be and nothing can shake them. The dark humor of the film lies in how serious this whole situation is for the characters.

Producer - When you think of the graduation film, that is exactly what I imagine – something adventurous, something big and something wild.

Screenwriter - After all, the film is still about love.

Why this topic? Why this format?

We are fourth year film arts students of the Baltic Film, Media and Arts School. This work culminates four years of our studies. Four years of effort, joy, tears and a lot of movies. Since this is our graduation film, our final film in this school, we want to try new places and formats. Not only step out of the box, but tear the box apart, smash it back together and throw it away.

The original music is written by Giuseppe Perverdi Big Band.

Ida-Virumaa with its deserted landscape and infrastructure is a very unique place. It perfectly allows us to create our own world. Something dystopian, but at the same time very familiar.

The gray post-soviet panel buildings and abandoned industrial areas will find a new life in our story. The movie is a clash of time and timelessness. Ida-Virumaa gives us all the possibilities that we could ever need to achieve it.

The film is made in cooperation with Ida-Virumaa businesses, locals, Ida Viru film fund and Nafta films.

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