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Dear friends,

nice to meet you! My name is Marina Skulskaya, I am a fashion historian and I live and work in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, but I was born in Tallinn, Estonia, where my parents live and where I come quite often, in particular, to make lectures on how fashion is influenced by literature, art, cinema, religion, national traditions, social norms, notions of freedom, good and evil, sexuality and opulence…

I have been studying fashion for more than 25 years, and the most exciting thing in the process is searching for the answers on ‘childish’, or the most complicated questions. For instance: how did Romeo’s 'French slops’ look like? Or: why did they use to wear black wedding dresses in Germany till the XXth century? There are lots of exciting stories devoted to various riddles of the world’s culture in my first two books: Fashion. The Most Humane of All Arts and Adam and Eve. From Fig Leaf to Space Suit (published in English). The new edition Fashion and Theatre. From Hunting Dance to Catwalk Show is not an exception.

Fashion and Theatre. From Hunting Dance to Catwalk Show.

This is a deluxe edition, 230x275, hard cover, 250 colourful illustrations. It is a fascinating story of the relationship between Theatre and Fashion from the Upper Palaeolithic age to the present day. Old initiation rituals and avant-garde design, ancestor cult and Venetian carnival, buffoon costume and artists’ unique style, 'Ballets Russes' and the modern wardrobe. You will find out why fur was always covered with fabric, where from the black masks of commedia dell’arte come, what ties together goats and ancient tragedy, ‘ballerinas’ and ‘antique’ fashion of the XVIIIth-XIXth centuries. All 12 themes of the book will be very interesting for everyone who is infatuated with the world culture history.

History and Modernity

Old portraits, jewellery, pottery, different items of decorative and applied art from the best museums of the world overlap with creations of the modern fashion houses and brands from Europe, Russia and Estonia. In the book the following brands are represented: Comme des Garçons, Mary Katrantzou, Chalayan, ISAIA, Kalle HT Aasamäe, Annika Kiidron, Nimere Parfums, Ianis Chamalidy, Stas Lopatkin, Lilia Kisselenko, Natali Leskova, LaTrika, Olga Trofimchuk Jewelry Glass, Rodasoleil, Diana Denissova

What are the languages of the edition?

The book will be published in Russian, English and Estonian.


What is the purpose of the Hooandja campaign?

The book is totally ready for the publication in Russian; it is translated into English and being edited. The Estonian version is also almost ready. It is very difficult to find big companies to sponsor the edition today, but I believe that there are many people who are great admirers of culture, fashion and theatre and would like to own that unique edition and support it! There are lots of wonderful presents prepared by Russian and Estonian designers and the invitation to the book presentation in Linnateater in Tallinn in December 2020 or in Saint-Petersburg at the end of November, 2020.


The publishing in 3 languages, including translation and editing, costs 10 000 euros. Most of the sum is already gathered. There are 4 755 euros left. This amount is divided to several steps: 500 euros - editing Estonian texts; 500 euros - design of the Estonian version; 500 euros - design of the English version; 3 255 euros - publishing in all three languages.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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