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I have been a reggae and ska musician for decades and my source of income comes from playing live concerts. During the pandemic, I was unable to work. So I decided to gather my musical brothers and sisters to join me in the process of recording a new album. At the beginning of August 2020, I began a musical adventure of recording and producing an online album in different countries, with musicians from Estonia (where I live), Germany, Belgium, Poland, United States, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina.

It has been an arduous process to gather all these pieces but has an exquisite result: 11 tracks of my original music where I have collaborated with many talented musicians from around the world (including Ken Stewart, keyboardist of the legendary ska band the Skatalites). This process involved many people (mostly musicians who faced the same challenges from the pandemic as me) and therefore I could use some help to release this amazing album as I do not have enough resources to do it on my own.

My idea is to release the album on two physical types of media: vinyl and CD.

  • If i can reach 1300 euros i can release the vinyl.
  • If i reach 1800 euros i can release vinyl and CDs.
  • And if i can reach 2500 euros i can cover some fees for the people that were working with me in the "Movement" project!

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