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“A Car Called Victory” (in Russian „Pobeda”) is a thesis short film of Baltic Film and Media school students, which is based on the story of Ilmar Taska with the same name. The film is set in early 50ties. The story tells about the curious boy who wants father’s attention but cannot get it. His dream is to become a bus driver. His parents are constantly at home and never go out. Once he disobeys parents’ cautions and meets a stranger on a brand new Victory, who promises to teach him driving. For a boy he becomes a new friend but this friendship has severe consequences.

Shootings take place in the end of June. The approximate length of the film is 17 minutes. Film will be on Russian with Estonian and English subtitles.

What do we already have?

We already have a main crew which is passionate about the project. This is the second short film where the producer Diana Põdra, director Vladislav Mukovnin, cinematographer Ermins Baltais and sound designer Nikita Shishkov work together. The previous film „What Do Adults Play?“ was successfully finished in 2016 and has already started its festival life. Besides, the production design is being made by a professional artist Vassilisa Danavir.

The main roles will be played by the Russian Drama Theatre actors – Aleksandr Ivashkevich, Dmitri Kosjakov and Natalja Murina, who also agreed to participate for the sake of the good idea.

The protagonist, a boy Bogdan, has passed the casting and is impatiently waiting for the shootings to begin. The art concept is ready, the suitable car „Victory“ is found and we are searching for the right locations. The university partly provides us with the equipment and 15% of the needed budget. Besides, we put in 30% of our savings. We are searching and creating everything needed to prepare the film to the shootings and create the atmosphere of 50ties.

What stops us?

But everything mentioned is not enough to start filming. In order to fulfil our ideas we need Your help. Despite the fact that we try to find the cheapest or even free options, there are things which demand financial expenses. To create the atmosphere of 50ties we need costumes, furniture and different props which we need to rent or create ourselves. Besides, transport costs (Victory and a van for equipment rent, petrol) are very expensive.

Apart from the free equipment we also need to rent special equipment for car sequences and extra lightning. And certainly, it is necessary to provide catering for the filming crew and actors for 7 days.

We really hope to collect the needed amount to make the quality film which we could proudly show You and send to the festivals later. All supporters will be mentioned in titles and we will thank You with the promised gifts! If You like the idea, please share the link to this campaign in social network among Your friends. Huge THANK YOU in advance! 

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