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Dear Friends and Supporters!

We are eight girls, who have already been singing together for the past ten years. Some of us have started even earlier as a part of a private music school Meero Muusik, being in the age of 4-5, and other members have then joined later into the same school and ensemble. Studies in Meero Muusik have brought us to the point where after years of effective work we all will be going our separate ways due to finishing high school, and therefore came the idea that we would like to give out a collection of our best songs in the form of a CD. The CD would include a cappella vocal arrangements from classical to pop music, from folk songs to blues! Authors amongst our repertoire would include S. Wonder, R. Shermann, J. Cosma, T. Mägi, A. Loigom, R. Ridbeck and others.

The financial support gathered from Hooandja will be used for the recording of the songs and releasing a CD. Since we have recorded already a majority of the songs, the CD is expected to be ready by September 2016!

You can listen to us here:

We are thankful for every donation, that You could support us with!

Yours sincerely,

Force Mažoor:

Anna Marie Jüriväli
Britte Koppel
Carmen Koov
Hanneloore Suurman
Kristiina Joon
Laura Lukk
Maria Ridbeck
Susanne Sinisalu
Instructor Riho Ridbeck

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