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Hello dear friend,
My name is Ṭhitañāṇo and I am a Buddha monk.
The Estonian Theravada Sangha is seeking support in publishing the first Buddhist book for youngsters in Estonia. The book talks about the life and teachings of the Buddha.
The printing is scheduled for December and all the other preparations have been completed.

We are using the platform of Hooandja to give people an opportunity to support the publishing of the Buddha's teachings. The gift of truth (dhammadāna in the ancient language of Pali) is the highest gift in Buddha's teaching, that can be made on this planet by a living being.
The book titled "From Siddhattha to Buddha" will be distributed in the form of free gifts and will not be sold. All donors and those who would like to have this book, may collect it in Aegna island (postage must be paid by those who want the book sent to them). 

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