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Daughter of Väinameri Project

We wish to jointly build the Daughter of Väinameri, a two-mast rescue boat 
Our aim is to build the Daughter of Väinameri – an authentic 11-metre two-mast rescue boat with which we wish to start organising summer sailing trips on Väinameri and along the northern coast of Estonia and – in the future – on Lake Peipus. We expect the voyages to attract both kindergarten children and school and university students together with their friends and relatives. The boat trips are intended for people who enjoy being in the fresh sea air and wish to try authentic sailing. These exciting voyages will provide a wonderful opportunity to expand on the popular natural science experience. On the other hand, it will also help people learn about the Estonian coastal sea environment through unique natural associations – Matsalu, Saaremaa, Vormsi, Naissaare, Lahemaa, Ontika, Päite and north western Lake Peipus. 
A two-mast beauty 
Considering the currently applicable requirements for passenger transport, a very reliable and sea-proof type of vessel has been chosen for the study voyages – a classic clinker-built rescue boat from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The original model for our boat was successfully used in the 1920s by the German sea rescue service at SAR (Sassnitz station, Rügen Island, northern Germany). The design was adapted to our conditions by Finnish master shipbuilder Lasse Kiiski who took into account the long-standing coastal sailing experience of both Estonia and Finland.
The construction and operation of Daughter of Väinameri will be managed by non-profit association Raudlaeva Maja with its partners. The following parties have been invited to join us on this journey: Pärnu Marine Centre (Pärnu County), Salme rural municipality (Saaremaa), Vormsi rural municipality, ship associations Ruup and Vikan, Veskiviigi Port (Lääne County), together with the State Forest Management Centre and the Estonian Historical Ships Association, the Seaplane Harbour (Harju County) and the Toila Volunteer Sea Rescue Service (Ida-Viru County).
Our master shipbuilders and carpenters include our long-term partners from Lääne County, led by HE Paat OÜ and the Museum of the Coastal Swedes for whom this project is the fourth wooden vessel based cooperation with Raudlaeva Maja.
The team and the sea 
The previous works of the members of Raudlaeva Maja include the authentic construction, renovation and everyday management of wooden sea, lake and river vessels. The members of the association have journeyed, sailed, rowed and dived on inland and open sea waters since they were kids. In the last 15 years, we have gone sailing on classic wooden ships on the Baltic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean.
We hope that our activities will inspire everyone to understand the importance, fragility and crucial value of the marine environment, and always to experience this through hands-on sailing.
We follow the example of famous seafarers
The 1914-1916 polar expedition of the famous Sir Ernest Shackleton and his 28 companions is our example in seafaring and boat handling skills – particularly with regard to rescue boats. As all fans of sailing boat history know, his crew sailed on rescue boat James Caird, which was of a similar build (1916). Their route took them from Elephant Island on the coast of Antarctica to the island of South Georgia in order to reach the whalers’ port to bring a vessel to replace their ship, which had got stuck in pack ice. Indeed, it was the two-mast rescue boat and the crew’s determined steering capability and seafaring skills that really made one of the most well-known seafaring stories of the 20th century.
This example is made even more capturing by a recent story from 2013, in which a group of British and Australians successfully recreated the exact same voyage under the leadership of polar explorer Tim Jarvis, using the same equipment and sailing on the two-mast rescue boat Alexandra Shackleton, a replica of James Caird. Therefore, a rescue boat is also a vessel for tough men in the 21st century.
It is a great honour for us to rely on the experience of mighty predecessors in carrying out the Daughter of Väinameri project. The recent news that Tim Jarvis personally has supported our undertaking is wonderful inspiration for everyone participating in the project.
Daughter of Väinameri is intended for all the people in Estonia 
We wish to promote our undertaking throughout Estonia, thereby sharing and spreading the good experience of nature trips and nature studies as well as coastal sailing. As the coming year of 2016 has been declared the Year of Sea Culture, we can also contribute towards promoting Estonian seafaring traditions through a clear and specific project.
As Daughter of Väinameri is intended for all the people in Estonia, we shall promote our undertaking via the Internet based channels of the Estonian Association of Historical Ships and many other partners. We also plan to promote our activities via media channels, including the Postimees and Eesti Päevaleht newspapers, on Radio Kuku’s Meretund (Marine Hour) programme and the Estonian National Broadcasting channels. We have also concluded an agreement for covering the project in the Paat & Meremees (Boat and Sailor) journal, which has covered the activities of Raudlaeva Maja on its pages in the past. 
Anyone in Estonia who is interested can contribute to our project via the crowd-funding platform Hooandja. This way, it is open for everyone in Estonia and beyond, in whom the adventures of tough boys and girls incite the joy of recognition and the desire to be a part of something exciting.
Welcome to the Estonian coastal seas, welcome to Estonian nature under the sails of Daughter of Väinameri!
Greetings from our heart,
the boys and girls from Raudlaeva Maja
Our partners on this voyage: 
Tarmo Kõuts, Admiral, Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Defence Forces in 2000-2006
Tim Jarvis, polar explorer, prepared and led the Shackleton Epic voyage in 2008-2013
Mirtel Pohla, a leading figure in the Estonian performing arts scene
Paat & Meremees journal – Jaano Martin Ots
Estonian Association of Historical Ships– Herkki Haldre
Radio Kuku Meretund – Küllike Rooväli
Pärnu Marine Centre – Karel Pajanin
Rannarootsi Museum – Jorma Friberg
State Forest Management Centre – Ulvar Kaubi
Toila Volunteer Sea Rescue Service and Toila Harbour – Mehis Luus
Salme Harbour – Kalmer Poopuu
Veskiviigi Port – Arvo Oorn
Seaplane Harbour – Tiit Einberg