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A new film by Veiko Õunpuu.
Mirtel Pohla. Juhan Ulfsak. Lauri Lagle. Meelis Rämmeld. Eva Klemets. Peeter Raudsepp. And Veiko Õunpuu.

We want to make a film the way you do theatre, where the result comes from our collective experimentation and is as spontaneous as possible.

To begin with, all we have is a location – a farm by the sea, on the edge of the primeval, gloomy Roukli oak grove. And an untranslatable Inuit concept: “Iktsuarpok”. That vague feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if someone is coming. This restless longing is where our film begins. As to what comes next, here we keep silent. So as not to attempt to describe things that lack form and which would only become lies if put into words.

We don’t want to lie. We do want to give our all to reach the untouched core of humanity.

All we need is a bit of money – for food, transportation, and equipment rental.
That’s why we are looking for people who want to contribute to the making of this film. And that’s why there’s a crowdfunding pitch. And that’s why there’s you.

Dear friend, will you help us?

The film will be completed by the end of 2014.

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