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On August 7, we celebrate the 90th birthday of Estonian legendary composer Veljo Tormis (1930–2017). This is the first round anniversary when he will observe it from a greater distance as he is no longer among us.


This last spring has been challenging, but there are many ways to celebrate such an important day. To honor his empowering influence and vast heritage, the recordings of his music will be played from sunrise to sunset on Tartu Song Celebration grounds (Tartu Lauluväljak), embroidered with nature sounds recorded by Fred Jüssi.



This music-filled day at the Lauluväljak is supported only by donations. A part of the budget was provided by generous entrepreneurs, but for covering all our expenses we have set up this page where you can support this event. When all bills are payed and there is still money left, it will be donated for further work on Veljo Tormis' musical heritage.

Help us to pay homage to Veljo Tormis and his works and to support taking care of his legacy. His music, his ideas and his care has inspired a lot of people both here and overseas. His legacy is immense, your participation will be a significant one.


Chamber Choir Kolm Lindu, Tartu City Museum, Chamber Choir Helü, Tartu University Library, Estonian National Library, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Library, Estonian National Broadcasting archive, Kultuuripartnerluse Sihtasutus, Tartu Song Celebration Grounds and other partners.


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