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Since 1997, The Veljo Tormis Cultural Society has been operating in the Kuusalu community center, which is named after the composer Veljo Tormis – an honorary citizen of Kuusalu municipality. The Veljo Tormis Cultural Society aims to preserve, develop and introduce the cultural heritage of Kuusalu parish. The substantive activity is the preservation, systematization and promotion of composer Veljo Tormis' legacy.

Veljo Tormis was born on August 7, 1930 in Kuusalu parish, Aru village, Kõrveaia farm. The local cultural strata of Kuusalu parish was very important to him. Veljo Tormis used to always say that he is a man from Kolga beach.

Veljo Tormis wished that one day his creative heritage would be organized and gathered to a single web platform. In collaboration with the composer the works towards the dream began already during Veljo Tormis' lifetime. After Tormis passed away, the need for an orderly creative heritage has grown significantly. This is how The Veljo Tormis Cultural Society became the legal carrier of The Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre project, being a partner for Tormis' family and various interested parties.




Veljo Tormis (1930-2017) is one of the most internationally known Estonian composers, whose captivating works with magical sound is sung by many choirs all over the world. His considerable body of work, the lion's share of which consists of various choral compositions, is based on Estonian runic singing and on the folklore of other Finno-Ugric peoples.

Currently, the materials related to Tormis' work are rather difficult to find on web searches. The information is often incomplete, scattered in different places and varies in quality.

Organizing the heritage of one of Estonia's most important choral music composers and making it available worldwide is inevitable.

We work to ensure the materials related to Tormis' work and activities will reach one platform – The Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre.

This is a gift for Veljo Tormis' 90th birthday.




The Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre, an authorized database based on the composer's own materials opened on the 90th anniversary of the birth of Veljo Tormis. The aim of the Internet-based Centre is to ensure the collection, availability, preservation, dissemination and promotion of Veljo Tormis' creative heritage. The Virtual Centre, open to the whole world, will be the main tool for disseminating information related to Tormis' compositions and activities. The local and international community will have a new communication platform which will have an impact on choral music both locally and globally.

On August 7, after years of development work, the opportunity to get acquainted with the Virtual Center opened for the first time, but the implementation of its edited content is still only beginning.



  • Web Design
  • Improved Discography & Archive
  • Photo collection
  • Runic Songs Project
  • Theme Nature Choir Songs Project
  • News and Events section
  • English translation


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Now everyone has the opportunity to support the completion of The Veljo Tormis Virtual Center and contribute to the creation of a modern digital environment, which ensures the active introduction, dissemination, preservation of Veljo Tormis' creative heritage and the promotion of its international music.