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Animist Tallinn is a new annual animation festival that will take place this year from 18th to 21st of August in Tallinn.

Estonia has a significant history of animation, permanent state support for production, several studios and international animation training. Unfortunately, we have not had an independent festival dedicated to animation that unites the international animation community, values animation as an art form and serves as an attractive marketing event for the city and the whole country. So we decided to create the festival Animist Tallinn.


The festival center is the Estonian Academy of Arts, where film screenings, workshops, lectures and meetings with authors take place. We also screen film programs at the cinema hall of Kai Art Center, Kino Sõprus and the Estonian Film Museum. We aim to bring together animation enthusiasts and filmmakers in a relaxed atmosphere, to create an opportunity to exchange and generate ideas.



At the heart of the festival is an international competition program that gives the audience a chance to see the best animated short films of the world from the last couple of years. The competition program will be announced in June. Several new Estonian animated films will premiere during the festival period. There will be special programs, lectures and meetings with filmmakers.

On August 20, 2021, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Estonian Restoration of Independence with a special screening "The Free Line" at the Estonian Film Museum. The program showcases the craziest and most liberated animated films of recent years.

Every year, the festival will invite representatives from other walks of life to inspire each other, broaden their horizons and plan future cooperation. The guests of the 2021 festival are anthropologists who help discuss the creative process. In cooperation with the Department of Social Anthropology of Tallinn University, we will compile a film program that deals with topics such as travel, concealment of identity, the body, and animism. The program is coordinated by anthropologist and associate professor Carlo A. Cubero.


The festival also includes families and children. Children will have an opportunity to make animations from plasticine and watch an exciting international animation program about nature and animals.

During the festival, the EKA Gallery will host an exhibition on animation and contemporary art, curated by the animation and art curator Gerben Schermer and the director of Animafest Cyprus Yiorgos Tsangaris. The works at the exhibition combine the possibilities of animation, space and the performing arts, that together create a unique visual result.

Festival organizers

Animist Tallinn is born with the support of enthusiastic animation filmmakers. The main organizer is MTÜ Animist Tallinn in partnership with the Estonian Academy of Arts and Kai Art Center.

Our festival has received support from the Estonian Film Institute and the Estonian Cultural Endowment. However, to implement all ideas in the best way possible, we still need more supporters.

So please, give the animation festival a boost!

Thank you for your trust and support!!
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We thank:

The Estonian Film Institute, Eesti Joonisfilm, Nukufilm and all authors for film clips used in the video,
Kadri Voorand and Rein Rannap for film music used in the video,
Kai Art Center for the shooting location,
the Estonian Academy of Arts for recording equipment,
Gabriel Solis for sound design,
Helo Irik for translations.

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