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Estonia will celebrate soon it’s 100th anniversary. It is a good tradition to invite friends for a visit on such important occasions. The idea of our project is to create together with all Estonian people and e-Residents a craziest birthday invitation ever.
To create an invitation, we ask all Estonians and e-residents of Estonia to send us their portrait photos through a special application, which requires authentication with Estonian ID number. This ensures that all people on the photos are genuine Estonians or our e-Residents. When sending a photo, a person points out the county (s)he wants to represent; the choice menue includes option for e-Residents.
From these photos an extremely long online birthday invitation will be created that shows each person for 3 seconds. This is almost like an online Baltic Way, where people stand beside each other; but this time to celebrate EV100 as a free country.


Photos will be sorted by counties; e-Residents is considered one “county”. Slide show can begin with Saaremaa people and end with Ida Virumaa, or vice versa. To break the routine there are some clips time after time, that introduce the achievements of Estonia and tourism attractions. Estonian folk music or our great composers play on the background.
This project has the potential to unite people of Estonia and our greatest friends. It may also receive international media attention, as it is not common that so many people cooperate in one project. The film will be donated to the Estonian National Museum, so that after 100 years next generations can study how we looked like, and search for their ancestors' photos. This is like historic portrait of the Estonian people. 
Guinness World Record will also be born, as this is a film with greatest number of identified actors. Smiley faces of Estonians kill the myth, that Estonians always worry - at least once in 100 years we do smile!
We will start collecting photos in the fall and birthday invitations will start to run next year, on February 24th.
The project has already got support from Tallinn Airport and Port of Tallinn, which have promised free screens; SK ID Solutions will support with free authentication service. Many organizations have promised to support with their information networks. But we need also money to create an IT application, design of clips and marketing. If we collect more money, we can do PR activities in foreign countries. 
Please help us to make history – get involved in creating the most awesome birthday invitation in the world!
For supporters’ we will give unique Estonian kroon T-shirts, which you can see in the video worn by Mart and Gretel.


To others we give mugs with felted warm-ups. They have been crafted by Tiina Tamberg in Ida-Virumaa.


We will invite the greatest sponsors to the opening party.

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