ELF's volunteers mission „Blac Stork”User's  Eestimaa Looduse Fond project in the category Civic initiative

Mysterious and shy Black Sork has habited Estonian forests for a long time. Although it's doing fairly well globally, over here  it has become so rare that every successful nesting is worth celebrating.

The decline in numbers in last few is explained by loss and fragmentaion of old forest as a nesting habitat, as well as degradation of feeding areas on forest streams. The last has often lead to a situation where even if the pair of storks finds a good nesting place, it's unable to feed the chicks to keep the alive. 
ELF plans to organise 7 volunteer projects (talgud as we call them in this part of the world) in autumn 2016 in order to improve feeding habitats of this bird. Before this, as we do not want to disturb this shy migratory creature while it's present, we'll do our best to make people to get to know this rare bird. We'll organise evenings and hikes, create site on www.talgud.ee and stitch a human-stork with a help from a theater costume makers, that will be around in fairs and festivals this summer.
A mission „Black Stork” has raised some funds already, but we rely on more kind donators to fulfill the plans.