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"American summer" is a road movie about life. It is loosely based on the adventures of real Eastern European university students selling books door to door in United States.

This movie touches us all, as summer work in the US has become something of a phenomenon among students in Europe - everyone knows someone who has spent a summer in USA - some experiences good, some not so good, each a story in it's own right. This movie is your chance to experience their adventures firsthand. Without sacrificing 3 months of your life.

Filming took place in September 2015. It was all done within 3 weeks, in California and Nevada, guerilla-style. This meant a small, enthusiastic and dedicated team, 18 hour days, (almost) no budget, figuring things out on the fly and using as much of "real USA" as possible.

The lead roles are played by Einar Kuusk, Kristo Viiding, Helena Pruuli and Jarmo Murumaa.

We need your help to finish the post-production. In addition to donations, we need a lot of supporters, to help the movie reach cinemas. Therefore every donation helps, every share on social media helps!

We offer some cool stuff in return.

Help "American Summer" reach the masses!

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