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Children are involved in over 1,000 accidents each year in Estonia. We are gathering support to buy trauma teddy bears for every police car by Children's Rights Day on June 1. Policemen will gift the teddies to children affected in accidents.
The trauma teddy is a cuddly friend who wishes to lift the mood of a child, while decreasing stress and offering support.

Our team is compromised of volunteer students and we are aiming to improve the situation. We are motivated by the unacceptably high number of accidents involving children in Estonia each year. We have set up the Traumamõmmik (Trauma Teddy) charity and police will enable us to equip their vehicles with the teddy bears.

Similar programmes in the Netherlands and Australia have donated over 20,000 teddy bears to children. This has had a great impact on children. We must do more to look after our little ones.
We need your support to make sure each police car is provided with a trauma teddy by Children's Rights Day. 
With your support, we will:
  1. purchase the first teddy bears and equip each police vehicle with two teddies, with additional supplies in all police stations
  2. provide packaging to keep the bears clean
  3. transport the teddies to every corner of Estonia
Our gratitude and a token of appreciation will be sent to you by post. Winners of the draw will be unveiled on Facebook – we will ask for your contact details at the beginning of May, once the Trauma Teddy project has successfully lifted off. 
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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