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The first goal (3500€) was accomplished on the 10th of July.

Thank you to the almost 100 supporters!

The secondary goal is 7000€. The money will be used to cover the other costs of recording and production and also for production of the music video.

To celebrate reaching the first target of the campaign, I’m happy to share a short clip from the album:

Hey there,

My name is Ike. I've been working for 3 years to make this happen and put countless amounts of energy, passion and good wishes into it – and now I'm so happy I can finally share it with you! 

Photo by Marianne Ubaleht

Music has always had a central part in my life. I wrote my first song when I was 4 and started to take piano lessons. Growing up in a family of classical musician, I am the 4th generation to play music. I've now worked as a professional singer for 10 years and I've performed over 1000 live concerts in 20 countries. I've been developing my singing and songwriting at different schools and with private teachers (Berklee School of Music, The Songwriting Academy, Judy Stakee). I've written hundreds of songs and my song "Genius" won a songwriting competition hosted by BBC Radio in 2015 in UK. 

Although I have always wanted to make a full-length album, I never wanted to rush it. I wanted to create something that would be state-of-the-art in many ways – the level of songwriting, the depth and meaning of lyrics, the level of music production and the overall sound of the album. As I've lived and travelled in almost 20 countries while having only a backpack and guitar as companion for the last years, these songs depict the highlights of this journey.

"Synchronize" consists of 12 songs and will be released in October 2019. It is mainly a soul/funk album, but there are many influences from rock, jazz and even flamenco. The sound of the album is a fusion of artists like Lenny Kravitz, Jamiroquai and James Brown. This album has an organic sound, which makes it a little bit different from most of the pop music that is released nowadays. This means that all of the instruments have been recorded by real musicians who have dedicated their life into mastering their craft and I hope the listeners can feel the soulfulness of their playing. 

"Synchronize" is special, since it is probably the most international album to date that has been released by an Estonian artist. The songs were co-written with 9 songwriters from 5 countries. In addition to the top musicians in Estonia – we have producer Ricky Delin from Sweden, the brass arrangements done by Jason Hunter from USA and the Latin guitar parts were recorded by Carlo di Beo from Italy. The instruments have been recorded in Tallinn (Heliruum stuudio) and vocals in Stockholm (Delinsound studio).

Im very grateful to have these top musicians adding their flavor to the album: Jaan Varts (guitar), Valdur Viiklepp (bass), Stanley Love (drums), Madis Muul (keyboards), Silvia Ilves (cello), Katariina Maria Kits (violin), Mairo Marjamaa (saxophone), Jason Hunter (trumpet), Sten Valdmaa (trombone), Carlo di Beo (latin guitars)

The overall cost of the album will be around 10 000€. I will use your support to cover some of the costs of recording the album and to pay for the mixing and mastering proccess. After reaching the initial target, I will use the rest of the money to produce a proper music video and furtherly support the release of the album.

Thank you for your attention! Please check out the different opportunities to support the project and choose the one that fits you the best.  

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