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Dear supporter! 

The Angel's Beach (Inglirand) and the adjacent protected Kadriorg Park is under threat from a large motorway planned to run right through it. But it is still possible to save it! We need all your support in order to confront Tallinn city government and stop their steamroller.

The current Reidi highway project has been rushed through by the municipality in spite of the obligation to carry out an environmental impact assessment. In order to stop this type of illegal action and represent the will of the citizens, the Estonian Green Movement NGO has taken the initiative to challenge this decision and subsequently contest the construction permit.

Why the Estonian Green Movement?

The Estonian Green Movement (EGM) grew out of a large-scale citizen movement opposing the opening of phosphorite mines in Estonia during the latter stages of the Soviet Union in 1988. We have since then been continuously promoting sustainable and a people-friendly (urban) environment among our other priorities. Already back in 2005, we openly called attention to how Põhjaväil, a precursor to Reidi road, running on the shoreline would contradict with improvements to urban space.

What is the issue?

Although the sea is very near to Tallinn's city centre, it is not easily accessible for people at present. The Angel's Beach is the only natural seaside area near the centre of the city where thousands of residents comfortably spend leisure time. Construction of the Reidi highway would eliminate this only option.

It Is true that the road project incorporates a sea-side promenade. However, it's position immediately adjacent to a multi-lane highway would rule out a pleasant park-like atmosphere for a Sunday afternoon picnic that currently exists.

The present problem of traffic congestion, familiar for all Tallinn's citizens, will not be solved with the current Reidi road project plan. Even the project's author K-Projekt is admitting that this new car-centric infrastructure does not make the traffic run smoother. On the contrary, it brings the congestion closer to the city centre and will even intensify the traffic problem in the long run.

The developed world is consistently moving towards effective environment-friendly mobility solutions in cities like fostering public transport, promoting park-and-ride options and building an extensive, well-organised bicycle lane network.

In a nutshell …

We all agree urban planning should not be carried out through courts. However, so far different urban development and sustainable mobility experts, professional organizations and neighbourhood associations have been largely ignored.

Together, we have openly called the city government's attention to the following facts:

  1. the current road project neglects the terms of reference from the department of city planning to construct a city street
  2. building a new city highway does NOT solve the existing traffic problems, on the contrary, it makes the situation worse in the long run
  3. important input data and studies, which are integral to such a large change in urban environment, are missing
  4. the Russalka Park and the Angel's Beach are important and popular leisure areas and the only seaside green areas in Tallinn city centre

For more information, visit our homepage.

Alternative solutions exist

A group consisting of spatial, mobility and urban development experts have offered their expertise and suggestions on a number of occasions also designing alternative street plans which follow the principles of sustainable mobility instead of outdated car-centric mentality.

A selection of solutions:

Current project vs An example of a city street (illustrated by Juho Kalberg)


Project proposal by architect Raivo Kotov


A street-like crossroad by Andres Sevtšuk, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at Harvard Graduate School of Design (EPL 3.08.2016)


Make Your contribution!

We are inviting all citizens to support us in shaping the reputation of Tallinn as a sea town and save the Angel's Beach and the Russalka Park from being run over by a highway!

All donations will be used for covering legal and communication costs and organizing a free open air event at the Angel's Beach! Donors will receive their gifts at the Angel's Beach, where else!

What happens next?

As it is impossible to foresee the process and duration of the legal dispute, the expected sum for legal costs may not be required in full. In which case we will ask the supporters how they would foresee enlivening the seaside public space with leftover donations!

However, this dispute may drag on and the amount gathered with this campaign may fall short. Only time will tell, but we must try!

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