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The story of the Volunteers of Keri began with the ending of paid watchmanship on Keri Island. A grand, historic, and noticeably crumbling lighthouse in the midst of beautiful untouched nature also played its part in this story.

Volunteers began taking turns acting as island watchers, while also tidying up, fixing and building anything they knew how and felt ready to put their hearts into. Several gatherings were arranged to add momentum to the movement and to brainstorm future goals. The TV program Pealtnägija's "a week as Keri island’s watchman", as well as charming concerts hosted on the island, helped plant small Keri into the hearts of many more, and as the circle of volunteers kept growing, so too did the ability to tackle more ambitious projects.

With an established base, it became possible to apply for funds from the Estonian government to be used in the renovation of Keri Lighthouse, which we’re happy to say were granted by Prime minister Jûri Ratas. However, the harbor, various other buildings on the island, power generation equipment, transportation to and from the island, among many other things, are still entirely volunteer run and maintained.

It is our utmost delight to say that the story that started in 2003 is still going strong, and that it is our firm intention to keep writing this story for many years to come, each from our own angle, but together for one single cause. Join us in creating more content and write your own part into the story of Keri!


Recently a new and more practical harbor was built to grant easier access for people and needed supplies. A shed for protecting important building materials from weather conditions is almost done being renovated. The main house has had new weatherproof windows installed, and is currently receiving a new furnace, which will allow island watchers to stay warm and comfortable on Keri in a wider range of seasons and weather conditions. All this has been made possible by our volunteers and kind supporters.

For our next project, we would like to renovate the rotten floors and water-damaged ceiling of the culture house. This is actually just a room in one of the apartments of the main house that contains so much art and culture that it is only right to call it a culture house. Together with the dust hanging from the ceiling as a natural layer of culture, the room accommodates the exhibition of a photo series from Kaido Haagen, drawings from Marko Matvere, and a piano, with (occasionally) a tuner, pianist and audience. In addition, there are seemingly endless materials about Keri throughout time.

If we collect more donations, we will also renovate other rooms with rotten floors and water-damaged ceiling.


If you too wish to participate in supporting and being part of the story of Keri, keep your eyes wide open on Keri's Facebook page and the Keri Friends group (Keri saare sõbrad).

Photos and descriptions of Keri merchandise can be found HERE.

We thank you for your contribution and invite you to enjoy and be part of the magic of Keri during next navigation season!