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We are Marge Pärnits and Anna Ryazanova. We are linked by the fact that we have studied to be and grown into being artists, as well as that we have dogs. Perhaps we would never have met, if the political situation in the world had not unexpectedly thrown one of us far from home. From the second largest city of Ukraine to the second largest city in Estonia. From Kharkiv to Tartu.


We met and discovered that between the two of us we have an idea for a book, the skill to paint, a box of paints, a handful of brushes and a pack of paper. Marge first wrote the text, Anna read the Estonian words with the help of a translation programme and said she is ready to draw the first sample picture. This is what the first picture looks like:


Beautiful, isn’t it? Bright and brimming with the desire to run.


Perhaps you have already read the children’s book "Must kass ja Mustikas" [The Black Cat and Blueberry], which was born a little while ago with the help of crowdfunding? It was a short story about a black cat who likes the night, darkness and night-time prowling, and about a small black puppy who is called Mustikas [Blueberry]. By the time of this new story, the puppy has grown up into a big dog and the book tells a story about why Mustikas sometimes runs away and how he gets back home. The book will be called "Mustikas ja maruline jooks" [Blueberry, the Rambunctious Runaway] and it is this book about a wonderful mischievous run for which we are now raising support on Hooandja.

We intend to do as follows:

  • If we raise 4,650 euros, we shall make a great pile of books in Estonian.
  • If we raise 6,500 euros, we shall make a pile of books in Estonian and another pile in Ukrainian.

If we succeed in raising a big enough amount (which we doubtlessly will with your support!) and the books will be published in two languages, every supporter can choose whether they would like to only receive books in Estonian or would they like us to also include a book in Ukrainian into the gift package. By the time the book is completed, every crowdfunder definitely knows one or several Ukrainian kids who have moved to Estonia and who would be happy to receive this book. The remaining books in Ukrainian will reach the Ukrainian children in Estonia via the leaders of the Ukrainian community in Tartu.

The Cultural Endowment of Tartu supports the writing of the book and the City of Tartu supports the translation of the book into Ukrainian in the framework of the Tartu – City of Literature project. We just need an additional push and therefore eagerly await a little bit of support from all of you!

PS! In the video, Mustikas tells you his version of why open doors are so enticing and what true freedom smells like.

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