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HOOG (“Impulse” in Estonian) is a new festival that brings together a range of art forms in the Estonian town of Haapsalu, with a focus on the dynamic and exciting performing art form of contemporary circus. Physical prowess, artistic beauty, and wordless communication combine in works that test the limits of human ability. The HOOG festival looks forward to the future of circus-- leaving trained animals behind (no “seals balancing balls” or “bears on bikes” at HOOG).

Don’t speak Estonian? No worries: the HOOG festival presentations are wordless, using ages-old forms of physical communication.

Artists from around the world will converge in Haapsalu, bringing new experiences to both adults and children. Audiences of all sensibilities can enjoy humour, physical mastery or deeply pensive theatricality. Mainstage festival performances will take place at the Haapsalu Cultural Centre, and many exciting activities will also pop up an outdoor stage, city streets and courtyard corners. There is something for everyone: families, groups of friends, babies and art connoisseurs. Enjoy street arts and circus, magicians and fire artists …

Want to round out your festival experience? In addition to mainstage performances, enjoy a virtual photo exhibition, an ambulatory circus show, or socialize at the Festival Club.

HOOG offers multiple practical learning opportunities for youth and families, groups of friends, and professionals of all kinds. Educational Programme participation is open to anyone, from passersby to art students in all disciplines (dance, theatre, creativity, circus, art).

Under expert supervision, try out a unicycle or other balancing equipment; learn how to juggle or do acrobatics; or even try your hand on the aerial acrobatics apparati which will be installed in the Circus World by the seaside.

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