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Mextonia - The Intercultural Celebration of Estonia´s First Centennial

June 14-22, Tallinn, Estonia

Mextonia is the worldwide festival of Transgraffiti Muralism, inspired in the 20th century Mexican muralism and created by street artists and graffiti writers from Estonia, México and the world. Produced by Todoesuno Eesti and Nueve Arte Urbano, endorsed by the Governmental Committee to Estonia 100; Mextonia celebrates the Estonian cultural roots by creating “Symbols of Cultural Identity”, while cleansing damaged walls and reuniting artists with graffiti writers, authorities and neighbors towards a common goal: to orderly express love for humanity, cultural diversity and Estonia.

We embrace culture as the linked tissue of meaning and symbols that connect individuals with each other and into a society, everything that identifies a group of people, the reason of why we speak certain language, eat specific meals and celebrate some special dates, and dress in a certain way. But most important, culture determines our way of thinking and how we interpret reality.

We want to discover a meeting point where culture is the main mechanism of progress and which international differences are the central element of learning and linkage that fulfills the spirit of the entire mankind. Mextonia Festival is that exact meeting point.

Estonia and Mexico
The Republic of Estonia will reach its first centennial on February 24th, 2018. This celebration will last three years, beginning in the spring of 2017, to be culminated on February 2nd of 2020 (one hundred years after Russia’s recognition of Estonia’s Independence). Simultaneously, Estonia will assume the presidency of the Council of the European Union, from July to December of 2017. This combination of circumstances offers the unique opportunity to deliver an official gift to the people of Estonia on behalf of the people of México; a gift rooted on the cultural heritage of two distant but synergetic peoples and in plain sight of the rest of the world.
Estonia and Mexico share the wounds of repeated invasions and cultural pressure on native ethnic groups. Cultural diversity enriches humanity and we believe it is important to remind ourselves that when a culture is extinguished, we all lose a piece of the world.
We propose the use of this "Mexican cultural technology" to make a modest contribution to Estonia, on the walls of graffiti writers, which we will take as an atanor, where we will perform a sort of “cultural alchemy" to unite Estonians, Russians, Danish, Germans, Swedish and citizens of the world in an Estonian cultural fractal; beyond its centennial as a republic.

Production and Results
In order to create over 30 murals through an intercultural group of artists joined by a common creative inspiration, we will produce an intercultural dialogue under the "Todoesuno vision" and the “Nueve method”. Each wall will achieve four simultaneous objectives: environmental, social, cultural and urban; thus Todoesuno. 

We invite you to be part of this celebration and support the production of 1 mural. 

Producing each wall, has a direct cost about 2500 euros on average (tools, paint, lifting equippiment, preparation of the wall, local logistics), which varies from the size, condition and texture of the wall. Murals will be produced during the festival 14th-22nd of June, 2017.
Help us to make the gift to Estonia! See you at Mextonia!