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Music that helps you overcome your fears and be a better version of yourself

Have you ever been held back by fear? Or by lack of self-confidence? Here is an easy solution.

Hi, my name is Roland Tokko. We may have met in some webinar or training, but we may not have. Anyhow, I am very grateful that you are here and considering supporting my new album called Better You.


The road to my singing career has been unusual. About 10 years ago was public speaking one of my biggest fears and about 4 years ago I was sure that I cannot sing ... And I couldn't. But today I am about to release my first music album Better You.

I have played guitar for about 20 years but the breakthrough for my music career was in a moment 3,5 years ago when I found myself a singing teacher. But even then I did not believe that I would ever release my personal music album. I remember that in the first singing lesson I was most afraid that I may have to sing. With this background, it is so amazing to hear people who say that my music has given them inspiration and has given them strength to do things they didn't think they could do.

I have decided to release my music album because so many people at my seminars have asked about it – when and where is it possible to listen to the songs? There is also a second reason. I want to release this album to give you belief that everything is possible – we all can change our life and start doing new things whenever we decide to do it. I know that starting new things can be scary. But I also know that you can overcome this fear and this album that I ask you to support, is proof for that.


For the last 10 years self-development has been a really important part of my life. All the readings, trainings and the knowledge I have got, has been an inspiration for the songs on the album. I have written all of the songs on the album and they all have some wisdom in them. The music goes also hand-in-hand with my book "12 things they didn't teach you at school", which is about to be published in English. Every song on the album is connected to a chapter in my book.

There are 12 songs on the album:

  1. Find the Genius In You
  2. We Did It
  3. Life Without Limits
  4. Love and Happiness Inside
  5. High Performers
  6. I Can Rise Up
  7. Unleash the Power Within
  8. True Freedom
  9. 5AM Club
  10. Life Happens For You
  11. Life I’m Living In
  12. Better You

Who is Roland Tokko?


Roland Tokko is a singer, song-writer, speaker, entrepreneur whose all activities can be united to one word – inspiring. Roland is the founder of Edu Akadeemia which is the biggest self-development company in Estonia. Their mission is to bring out people's true potential.

To fulfil this mission, Roland and Edu Akadeemia bring world-famous speakers to Estonia and he creates trainings, webinars, online trainings and lot more. Last year he self-published a book called "12 things they didn't teach you at school but should have", which has got very positive feedback from hundreds of readers. This book is about to be published in English.

You can listen to the samples of the songs on Roland's Soundcloud.

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