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Dear music lover!

We are Grete and Andri - duo NAAAD. We believe that there is a great wisdom and power in music and hope that there are many more of those who feel that way too. Living in our heart and soul's calling, we have started to create music for mantras, for poems of our own and have found similarities between different music traditions. In a short time we have written a lot of music and gathered many thankful supporters. We wish to give back to those who are already following us and reach out to new listeners by releasing our debut album "If Only One Would Tell". Our album release concert will take place on the 20th of June 2021 close to Tallinn at Rajamaa Ashram.

We believe that Estonian traditional folk songs and mantras from India have some fundamental similarities. Mantra has a certain combination of syllables that the singer repeats and by doing so changes the habitual patterns of the mind. Estonian traditional folk song has repeated cultural themes which help to remember the stories of our ancestors and bring some color into our everyday activities. Both cultures have a deep respect for music. Estonians gather for song celebrations and in India it is common for people to come together for Kirtans - telling stories through music.

Nations who sing their own songs can't be destroyed since words cannot be kept by boundaries and melodies stick with us even from the echo of the times. We give voice to words which are written by us or which we have heard under the sky. Dear supporter, If you are curious about our creation and you believe in the power of music, then help us bring the wish of our heart into life. We are grateful for your contribution into the creation of NAAAD's debut album "If Only One Would Tell".

Thank You and see You in music!

Grete and Andri

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