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Artists' Spaces is a book that consists of visual visits to the creative environment of 16 young Estonian artists and through thorough interviews reveals the aspects that influence their creative processes. The book is focused on young artists with a recognizable style who have graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts and are well-known on the Estonian art scene. Since the audience is already familiar with their work, this book is focusing on how and where these artworks are being made. Artists' spaces can appear in numerous forms and situations and the functions of the space can be remarkably layered and intertwined: it can be a stage for social interaction; or a space for living, working and displaying the works; or it can function as a storage room. All these different forms and situations become evident in the interviews with the artists which have been conducted for this book.
The aim of this book is to take a look at the day-to-day milieu of an artist and to offer an opportunity to see how the space surrounding the artist influences the art practice and how art practices influence the space. The interviews and high-quality photographic materials unfold the creative processes that precede the artworks displayed at galleries and draw the outlines of the working process of a contemporary artist. By means of this book it is possible to map out and archive the creative spaces of young artists. 
Your support will quarantee a high-quality bilingual book that would present young Estonian artists also abroad. 
Artists: Kristi Kongi, Anu Vahtra, Paul Kuimet, Laura Toots, Tõnis Saadoja, Laura Põld, Mihkel Maripuu, Mihkel Ilus ja Maarja Tõnisson, Karel Koplimets, Ivar Veermäe, Timo Toots, Kris Lemsalu, Edith Karlson, Jass Kaselaan, Jaanus Samma, Flo Kasearu
Authors and editors: Merilin Talumaa, Annika Toots
Photographer: Kristina Õllek
Designer: Jaan Evart
Artists' Spaces is published by the Estonian Academy of Arts in collaboration with Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center.
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