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Imagine a spacious, bright place where everything is vegan, natural and animal-friendly. Everyone could step in and experience what plant-based fish, “meat” sausages or cheese tastes like.
It would’t just be a “Mecca” for vegetarians and vegans but it would be a place where anyone who wants to increase the share of plant-based foods in their manu could get the best stuff right away. Either by coming to the physical store or by ordering it to your homes from our e-store.


By cultivating such dreams we founded a few months ago - a 100% vegan online store where we offer old favorites and many such goods that haven’t been available in Estonia before now. We want to show that plant-based diet doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous but that there are so many great alternatives available already today!


More and more people wish to increase the share of plant-based products in their diets, either out of love for animals, health considerations, to be nicer to the environment or just out of an interest in what good can be produced from plants.
At the moment no such 100% vegan supermarket yet exists in Estonia but we wish to bring the future to Estonia as well!


Currently we don’t yet have the ability to offer as wide a selection of products that we’d like to be able to offer.
With your support, we could buy large fridges and freezers which would allow us to offer a wide range of cold and frozen products. We are really looking forward to being able to offer our customers the largest selection of vegan meats, cheeses, curds and ready meals in Estonia.
We could also buy bulk food containers to sell various (organic) nuts, dried fruits, nuts, sweets and spices in bulk. By doing this we could support a more packaging-free future and give people the opportunity to buy products just as much as they need and in the package they wish. 
Setting up the store involves a lot of costs, from the interior design to security system and barcodes. Thanks to you we could make the physical store much cooler, with a wider choice and could start it much faster than we could with just our own efforts.


We’ll open Estonia’s first vegan supermarket either in the center of Tartu or Tallinn. It will definitely be located in a place with good access to public transport as well as parking opportunities. We’ve already screened many potential places but the exact location will become clear during the campaign.
Timing-wise, we plan to open at the latest by this summer.
Our online store will of course also remain operational. It will have all the same new products available that in our new physical store. This means that no matter where you are in Estonia, we can still send packages to you in the same was as now.


We thank the people who believe in and support us as soon as the campaign is successful!
With the “Shop & Dine” experience, we’ll agree on a time as soon as the shop is ready; and the overnight experience in Tartu DuoLoft luxury apartment can be booked from May (for your chosen time period).
You can follow our activities and learn more about gifts:
DuoLoft apartments (Estonia's first luxury apartment building with a large cinema room, gym and a top floor view to the historic St. John's Church)
Let’s make it happen together!

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