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  • Why should men support this project?
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What's the plan?

I have taken it to heart to set up a new studio in Saaremaa that offers pole dance training programs. I want to create a safe environment where women are motivating each other to move towards a more positive inner world. It will be a place for women of all ages and shapes to develop both their bodies and self image.

Why is it necessary?

Regular pole dance training helps women find inner freedom. Pole dance balances strength training with femininity. Skillful and graceful control of the body increases self-confidence and motivates further exercise. I have personally experienced that only good relationships and great success comes into the life of a self-satisfied woman who truly values herself!


Pole dance is a sport? Why so little clothing?

Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) recognizes pole dance as an international sport. This is the first big step to potentially reaching the Olympics. I also hope it helps people better understand that pole dance does not mean striptease. The choice for clothing is motivated by bare skin ensuring the most reliable grip on the pole.

Who is Helen?

I started practicing crossfit in America in my early twenties. This is a great developing sport, but it was too masculine for me. I value showing strength and skill in a feminine way. When I moved back to Estonia I found exactly what I needed in pole dance. Finding gracefulness in myself made me proud. As I practiced pole dancing I noticed that I was getting happier. My personality shone. My walk became more confident. Thanks to pole dance I have discovered many women who value the same things I do.

The will to develop eventually led me to the role of an instructor. As an instructor, I want to help others find their inner hero as well. I have completed the international "XPERT Teacher Training" pole dance program and am applying for the Estonian coaching profession. I have been developing myself in Denmark and Russia and, of course, with very talented pole dancers in Estonia, to whom I am always grateful. I know that every woman can pole dance, because I could!

Why should men support this project?

A happy woman is a source of positive energy in a close relationship. One must take care of one's body and soul to keep the atmosphere at home happy and harmonious.


What do I use Hooandja funding for?

I currently offer personal pole dance training, regular dance and stretching classes. I would like to start offering pole dance group trainings with the help of your support!

We need space and poles to train on. These need to be specially designed for pole dance, with both rotating and static functions. They must also be installed very securely. This is the largest part of the project budget. Also, we need to install high mirrors on the whole wall to see ourselves during training to improve our technique. Proper lighting and curtains must be bought and installed for the weather not to affect us. Yoga mats and blocks are also needed to develop flexibility.

If we raise more money, we will buy thick mats to protect us when falling while practicing tricks. Massage rollers, yoga wheels, aerial hoops and aerial hammocks are also needed for stretching and acrobatics classes. I would like to buy several books on pole dance tricks and techniques so dancers could learn more about the theory. In addition, a good sound system is needed for training.

Your support is missing!

The women of Saaremaa are waiting!

The instructor is ready. The goal is set. The plan is here. All that is missing is your support!

Help create our own pole dance studio and support the women of Saaremaa!

Thank you!


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