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We give a damn about your support. With the help of our friends from Voltride, we are giving an electric scooter to one of our supporters!

2020 has proven to be about as surreal as a science fiction movie. Nearly six months ago, all our lives were put on hold. The whole world simply ceased. Traffic, for once, was acceptable. Factories stopped belching out fumes. Our planet was given the unique opportunity to purify its oceans and rivers, and cleanse its air. But not for long. Soon, everything will go back to normal. But it doesn't have to be the normal that we know. We are a team of students building a SOLAR CAR, because lessening traffic doesn't really seem feasible. Driving smarter does.

We at Solaride give a damn – that's why we're working on a real solution to target climate change. We understand that renewable energy is where it's at! Everyone can do their part for a cleaner future by supporting our goal of making solar power the mainstream.



Once we've built our car, we'll test it in extreme conditions by racing 3000 km through the desert, all the way from the north coast to the south coast of Australia. We're entering our car in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, racing alongside the world's top universities and taking full advantage of cutting-edge technology. We'll participate in a Cruiser-class competition – this means we are creating a badass, street-legal, four-door car that will actually be able to replace your current car in the future.


Our team consists of ambitious and talented students from Estonia's top universities, who are mentored by the best Estonian engineers and experts in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering: Tiit Liivik (founding engineer at Starship), Tõnis Väli (responsible for all the CFD and aerodynamic development at Koenigsegg), Tõnu Samuel (the second employee at MySQL), Priit Salumaa (co-founder at Mooncascade), and more. Working with these engineering wizards on a challenge like ours will provide our students with unique knowledge, skills, and experience.

  • Technological dream team? Check.
  • Changing the world? In progress.
  • Your support? "Houston, we have a problem."


Now we've reached one of the most important parts: Solaride is a completely non-profit, student-run project, working to transform the transportation and renewable energy sectors in order to create a better future. We have the knowledge, but we don't have the resources. This is where you come in!


Hooandja's platform helps us to collect money in four stages to get funding for an engine that costs 20,000 euros.


The total budget of our project is 450,000 euros. It takes that much to get the car ready to be built, and take it to Australia to win. Today, we have covered about 100,000 euros with the help of generous, large supporters. But we need to push on, if we want to change the world.

Our engine costs €20,000, but check out these other components we could also get with your help!


In order to successfully build our solar car, we need the support of the people of Estonia, Germany, and Canada. Your help. Setting aside some money from your budget could help us achieve this goal, because you know – money does make the world go round. Instead of filling up your gas tank for once, support innovation instead, and soon you might not have to even worry about gas prices. If you can help us, we'll all move towards a smarter future, together!

We already have the support of companies like Magnetic MRO, AuveTech, and Palmse Mechanics Chamber. If you'd be interested in supporting us in a similar way, or even want to join the team, feel free to contact us at!

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