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Dear supporters,

Rae Fire and Rescue Society would be very grateful if you could contribute to our project and help build rescue trucks for the volunteer firefighters. We will repay you with a safer environment, and we also offer a feast for the eye, by giving the supporters a fun calendar with firefighter girls. So you can remeber your good deed all next year and and beyond.

RAE TPS is based in three different locations in Rae - Assaku, Vaida, and Urvaste. Rae Fire and Rescue Company has a total of 30 members.

The aim of the project is to collect funds for the construction of two recue trucks, in order to raise the recue capability of the area.

Rae TPS has acquired an off-road vehicle in spring of 2014 and was gifted a container truck. The funds to keep the existing fire trucks runing are secured by the NGO, but the development of and vehicle (construction) funding is not available. Based on the previous we decided to turn to hooandja to try and get financing for the construction of the rescue vehicles.

During the project, Sirabella photographer Maris Ojasuu took pictures of women-volunteers in front of various volunteer rescue vehicles / rescue equipment, and the calendar with these pictures is one of the rewards for the supporters.