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The science fiction novel, "The Gods to Be" is the English version of the Estonian book, "Tulevased Jumalad", written by one of Estonia's most renowned science fiction writers, Maniacs' Street. The book in English is initially planned for release as an e-book. 


About the author

The author of the science fiction novel, Maniacs' Street, is a member of the Estonian Writers' Union and the Estonian Science Fiction Association. He has published 10 novels and 70 short stories and novellas, with his works appearing in Estonian magazines such as Mardus, Algernon, Täheaeg, Reaktor and Looming, as well as in various anthologies. Maniacs' Street has received the "Stalker Award", presented by the Estonian Science Fiction Association, on no fewer than eight occasions.

In addition to his writing, Maniacs' Street is actively involved in motivating and inspiring science fiction writers in Tartu. As well as being a long-time Literary Editor - he played a key role in the initiation of the science fiction magazine Reaktor and served as its first Editor-in-Chief. His literary scope is broad, encompassing genres from zombie horror and space travel to cyberpunk and fantasy. For over three years, he has served as the lead author of the background story in the computer game, "Mortalis: Back to the Roots."




The illustrator of the project is a young and talented artist, Mark Antonius Puhkan. He earned a BA in Graphics (2016) and a MA in Contemporary Art (2020) from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Puhkan works as a visiting lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts and as an illustrator for Postimees, a major Estonian newspaper. He has illustrated various works, including the jubilee edition of Tammsaare's "Tõde ja Õigus Part I" (2018) and has published a graphic novel titled, "Antennimaja inimesed" (2019). Puhkan has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad. For over three years, he has been the concept artist for the computer game, "Mortalis: Back to the Roots" and now also serves as the Artistic Director of the game.

The story

The novel begins with the mission of the space vessel 'Starship', in search of the cradle of humanity. After a shipwreck on a planet, the geneticist 8-AD-455, nicknamed Badass, finds himself with only a few friends and a multitude of enemies. In his quest to return to civilization, Badass must confront the deadly relics of the planet's past and the mysterious creatures of unknown origin who engage in a lethal struggle for survival. If he cannot find a way back into space, he is destined to remain among them, in a world of barbarity.


The overarching idea is the golden dream of reaching from the science fiction landscapes of Estonia to the heartlands of the USA and Asia, captivating readers there with Estonian science fiction and mythology. The next step is the creation of the online computer game, "Mortalis: Back to the Roots," where book enthusiasts become heroes, experiencing this story through a virtual world. A new reality is born where readers can venture in a virtual world and bring their dreams to life.


Come and discover right now how an online computer game is born and how stories become a virtual world on our game studio's website.

You have the opportunity to listen to the first chapters of the story in English and watch developer interviews (DEV-talks) related to the game's development. Serious fans even have the unique chance to take the first step into our virtual home, Survivor's Camp.

Collected amount:

3000 EUR for the e-book in English. This includes translations, formatting, illustrations and marketing activities to promote the e-book sales.
At 5000 EUR fulfillment, it becomes possible to print a limited number of physical books in English.

Among all supporters, a printed Estonian book with autographs, will be raffled. The delivery cost for physical rewards is not included in the rewards.
Mortalis: Back to the Roots introduction video