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Hey! We're Anix team. Our project recently turned five years old and we finally decided to tell everyone about what we do and how we do it.

Welcome to the world of anime fans!

We started out as an anime shop called ABC Anime but in time we grew into a youth centre, in addition to us, hundreds of girls and boys aged between 10 and 26 took part of its creation. And we all have one interest in common – we love anime. Did you know that it is a whole culture of its own? If you didn't, come over and we'll tell you everything. ;)


What do we do?

First, we're not just a hobby group or a shop that sells anime goods. We are a whole community and we learn to communicate with each of our members, with everyone who comes through our door. Our community exists to make kids interested in anime culture. Young people who come to us feel alone, their classmates or parents do not support them, but they find support from us. We host free events and contests for them. We think of ways they could spend their free time in a more interesting matter. We know how to get a child away from their smartphone for the entire day – they need to make friends and widen their scope of interests. At our centre they draw, take part of quests and tournaments, learn to cook, get to know Asian culture better, read and exchange manga, watch anime together. And if someone comes up with their idea to start a manga reading club or an interesting raffle and asks for our support then we want to support anyone who wants to make children's free time more interesting and informative and help them better their communications skills.


We're carrying on on the same course but we don't have enough room. At the moment we reside at Punane 6 where we have 140 square meters. When anime fans gather there someone has to sit on the floor and someone else won't have enough room to play.

That's why we need your help. We're planning to open a new, more spacious centre with more interesting events in October. We need money to buy furniture and to fix the place up.

Do you want to know, who we are?

We're a team of different people, youngest of us are 18 and oldest is 27. But age doesn't matter. The most important thing is the goal that brings us together. We want to open the biggest anime centre in Europe, to bring together anime fans from around the world. Why? That's easy - to communicate and make friends. As one of our followers wrote: "Anime fans are the friendliest and shyest people in the world."


What are we trying to achieve?

We have many goals and we constantly find new ones. Thanks to people's sincere interest, we're able to achieve it all. We are a living organisation, people who do what they truly like. We don't do it for money, but for ourselves and the people around us. Our goal is to set an example to young people, so that they wouldn't waste their lives and would do what they love. And most importantly would set high goals for themselves and not wait for the approval of those around them. We aim to set an example to other organisations, who don't pay enough attention to unlocking the potential of their employees, where people work not because they love their job, but because they need to.

We also aim to be a sanctuary to those who seek understanding, friendship and communication.

And most importantly - to keep the desire for magic, because we turn to fiction to find what we need, but can't find in the real world.

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