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We are Tales of Reval - an immersion theatre troupe in Tallinn. Within the last two years we have created a unique medieval experience in our Old Town, which about twenty thousand people from all over the world have enjoyed.

We began our journey as storytellers, retelling the most famous tales of Reval - medieval Tallinn - unknowing, where this journey would lead us. In under a year we became the number one tour on TripAdvisor, and the feedback of our guests encouraged us to continue and establish ourselves as an inseparable part of the experience of visiting Tallinn.

And then the world stopped. Great uncertainty arose. What now?

As it often is, when a door is closed, a window opens, and today all kinds of new virtual experiences are rearing their heads. We want to represent Tallinn in the great landscape of the internet in a proud and worthy way, and we need a boost to establish ourselves in this new genre.

We are planning to create a "live movie", where we combine live storytelling with stunning cinematic visuals to show why Tallinn is the place to visit - just like Prague and Faroe Islands have done - but all of this in our own unique style visible from the sample video above.

The style of our live movie is a romanticised storytelling experience, which serves the purpouse of showing you the most beautiful locations of Old Town Tallinn, and combine them with the most famous stories of the town. Although we are staying within the contures of historical accuracy, this experience is in no way intended to be a documentary! Our aim is to create an hour and a half of light entertainment, that would spark curiosity and interest towards our beautiful Capital here on the shores the Baltic Sea.

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