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Here you can listen to one song from our new album - "Michael Archangel", from our recording session in Linnahall on 5. 09:

Hello Dearones,
This music project is born from divine inspiration to build a stronger connection with Conciousness, the Source, with the Wisdom and Truth within and to remember our Divine heritage and Wholeness. On the year 2015 while living at the island of Sri- Lanka the music was born. The music is about Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Wisdom, Joy, Oneness and Divine Unity. The lyrics of the songs is from the Invocations, Prayers and Decrees by the Archangels and Ascended Masters.
My path as a Singer has been colourful and exiting. I started early age at the children's girls chorus named Ellerhein. I get my first deeper experience of unity while singing and enjoying music together. I also started as a soloist at this chorus  and continued my studies at the estonian music academy while studying classical opera singing. I worked together with different professional choruses like Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Chorus, Chamber Chorus Voces Musicales and other smaller groups of chamber music. I love chamber music continuously.
In the co-creation of the album We Are All One there are participating several very loved Estonian musicians. Andreas Lend on violincello, Tõnis Tüür on counterbase, Oksana Sinkova on the fluet, Hanna Liisa Nahkur on the violin, Jelena Ossipova on the guitar and Ian Mikael Kirss on the djembe. In October musicians from India, russia, Ireland and other countries will join for the recording in India Bangore. Besides european instruments will perform the Banzur, the tablas, the hank, the harmonium and also the Bhoran from Ireland. The music is arranged by our loved estonian composer and musician Andrus Rannaääre who is also accompanying in our  band on keyboard. The CD will be released in November. We ask your  support for the costs of the recording in estonia and partly in India. I would like to share with you the Awards during the month of December. I will let you know about our premiere concert that will take place in estonia and you are most welcome to invite us also to your community your country and concert halls.
In gratitude and love,
Evelyn Kanepi
Listen to our songs in Youtube:


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